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A Natural Soap,
For Your Natural Self!

Soaps For Men

Feel Amazing in what you soap with

We recommend these soaps to keep you smelling Fresh and Manly.

  • Getting Lumber-Jacked 

  • Want Cream with Your Coffee?

  • Back To-Bacco Wacko

  • You Blew-Me Away!

  • Pa-RUM Pum Pum

men soap.jpg

Soaps For Women

Amazing, Beautiful, and Wonderful. That's You!

If it's for a Stay-At-Home Day,  Work All Day, or a Girl's Night Out, we have just the thing.

  •  Koala-Fied Eucalyptus

  • You Had Me At Lavender!

  • We Were Pepper-Mint To Be Together

  • OMG-Citrusly

  • Don't Be Sal-Tea Tree

Women soap_edited.jpg
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